Saw the Manhattan GM in Target and had to have it!

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  1. Hi. I have the Manhattan PM that I bought years ago, and I barely use is because it scares me to ruin it. I happily use my Neverfull, Totally MM, and Batignolles H, but my Manhattan PM and my Palermo scare me!

    Anyway, I saw the Manhattan GM on a lady at Target the other day and decided I had to have it. I did a bunch of research and purchased it from Yoogi's Closet for a good deal. I feel like because I bought it used and it wasn't uber expensive, that I can really just use it and enjoy it without worrying. Does that sound silly? I want to put it on the ground at my kid's events, throw that puppy into a shopping cart, etc. without babying it!

    Has anybody done this?
  2. I understand. I did that with Chanel. I bought a vintage camera bag as a 'bangaround, worry free bag' so I could save my new one. The Manhattan GM is a beautiful bag. Enjoy using it.
  3. Yes. I bought a pre-loved Noe and I've been using it instead of my Delightful. I'm afraid I'll ruin it. The Noe is care free.
  4. I purchased an older model alma to gift to my MIL because of this. There is no way she'd feel comfortable with a brand new one & having to break it in, so I got a nice one that is gently pre-loved.
  5. I have bought Croissant for that reason, but now I am selling it because I have realized I don't like preloved bags.
  6. Thanks for the replies!! I'm a little concerned that I may not be thrilled with a pre loved but no choice with the Manhattan GM. One of reasons I bought from Yoogi's is their return policy!!!
  7. Don't be scared of pre-loved.
    It just depends on the bag.
    Some were in such great shape I can't tell the difference anymore between ones I bought new and the pre-loved ones.
    When it arrives you'll get a "feel" for it and you'll know.
  8. :biggrin:...yes. I have bags I am more careful with and bags I use in any situation. I bought a mono bucket for a steal and take the poor thing everywhere. I'm not afraid to use it because of the price I paid and the patina it already came with. I also really love the idea of giving a bag someone else didn't want a REALLY ACTIVE second life. My bucket gets lots of exposure...and still looks amazing. Honestly, the quality might have just been better on that bag too....and it has feet, which is a big deal to me.

    There is a huge range when it comes to pre-loved. So many have barely been used, and that can make them a great deal. Some pre-loved bags look terrible and the price often reflects that...but not always.

    Also, LV is rotating models faster now, so buying pre-loved is the only alternative when you missed a bag/slg or something sold out quickly.
  9. I literally came over to read as I thought you saw a Manhattan GM being sold in Target and you got it. Anyway, congrats on scoring one on Yoogi's. It's a classic beauty.
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  11. I would say be careful! Just took my PM to get repaired to replace all leather parts they quoted me a price of 830$!
  12. yes I would be more carefree