Saw the Madelines IRL today....must buy for me, how bout you?

  1. I saw them in dillards, no time to visit the coach boutique before christmas (going the day after--you poor, poor SA's). They had both sizes, but none in all leather. Very cute bags, reminds me of my Kate Spade samson a bit. Both fit over my shoulder and I'm not a skinny one. Very tailored and polished looking. Debating if I'm going to go with the green leather one or something different.
  2. I didn't think I'd be interested in this one but the geranium in the beginning of the new catalog is gorgeous! I'm not sure though if it's a little too polished for my casual lifestyle!
  3. i have the brown one with the pink bow...sorry its a madeline...but i don't know the real color name for it..
  4. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. Just as the wristlet was. I really liked the wristlet/clutch, though, looks much more useful for me than a wristlet. It was the one with a wrist strap, mini scarf, turnlock and an outside pocket.
  5. I'm gonna have a hard time deciding between the two sizes. The smaller size is so "cute". I don't think this bag is so professional that it can't be casual--I mean I wouldn't carry it wearing a sweatshirt & jeans, but a sweater set & jeans would be fine. I'm thinking my friend will love the geranium color, but I need to see it IRL. I'm a sucker for greens :yes:
  6. I love the pink one.
  7. I'm in :heart: with the Zebra one, but I realistically don't think I'll get it. I really like it but I don't know what I would ever wear it with. Plus I'd be afraid of rubbing off the hair on the calf skin.
  8. I know I am getting a Coach gift certificate and some $$ for Christmas so I can't wait to head to the boutique and check out this bag in green!
  9. I like the green one, too!!!! For some reason, I am gravitating toward the LEATHER bags now, and I cant figure out WHY!!!! I was ALWAYS a siggy girl and lately I havent given the siggy bags a second glance! HMMMMMM.....
  10. mommyville i am with u on that.i seem to lean towards the leather bags too.anyone know the prices of the leather ones in the same style.
  11. ^^ The large tote (11554) is $428. I only see that size mentioned in the new catalog though. It's 14x9x5.

    Babygirl14: do you have a picture of yours? The new catalog has green, geranium, parchment and buckskin shown plus black is available but I don't see brown w/ a pink bow. Can you tell me the style number? Brown w/ pink is gorgeous!
  12. I double checked the catalog & only saw the one size, too, but dillards had both sizes. Can any SA's chime in here? Will the boutique have both sizes in the new floorset?