saw the large rock n chain hobo and red ...

  1. caviar e/w flap tonight. My SA showed me the large rock and chain hobo in black and it's actually NOT a hobo at all. It's not meant to be worn on the shoulder. When I attempted to wear it on my shoulder, it was awkward and had to be positioned a certain way. When I tried to wear it that way on my shoulder, my arm literally stuck out like the michelin man. It's a cute bag, but not me. I was expecting a hobo that could be worn comfortably on the shoulder. I did *love* the color of the new red caviar. She was holding the red e/w flap for her client and wanted to show me the color. It's a true red with the color code 81643, and this is the exact color that my red jumbo will be.:yahoo: I also saw the soft handle ligne in a tote style, which is gorgeous but rather pricey at over 2750.00, and a flap style which was 1950. Hope my description will help, I know that many Pfers were wondering about the large rock and chain and the color of the red caviar!:smile:
  2. Yes! That did help! Thank you for describing how the large rock & chain fits on the shoulder... or rather, does not fit on the shoulder.

    I'm so depressed. I was hoping that would be my spring bag... :shrugs:
  3. It fits, but in a weird way so that the widest part of the bag is the part that's in between your arm and your body. My SA said that when it's on the shoulder, it's looks like santa clause w.his pack slung over his shoulder!
  4. Ohhh, yay, I'm so happy to hear that you loved the shade of red IRL!! My "ideal" red would be the '05 red, but if this is a true red, I'm sure it's gorgeous, and I'll take it haha. I hope the jumbos come in soon, I can't wait to receive mine! :smile:

  5. Hi Minal,

    Yes, it's definitely red. It's the same red that's used for the caviar clutch. I would have loved for the bright 05 red as well, but I'll be happy w/this shade of red.
  6. i tried on the rock & chain large hobo today, too. and i agree with clk55girl, it does make your arm stick out, if you try to wear it on the shoulder like a hobo.
    it looked better and sat better when i used it like a sling bag instead. like with a backpack... you know how you take both straps of a backpack and sling it over one side of your back...? sort of to the back of your side, not really on your side like a regular shoulder bag... so that the bag sort of drapes on the back of you. but even that was kind of tricky, because the chained straps then twisted a bit at one end and didn't completely sit flat.
    and the leather was kind of thin and papery (at least on the white one i tried on) so the shape was even funnier and weirder. it's lightly glazed calfskin, so it doesn't slouch like my soft & chain lambskin does. :sad:
    i do think it would look better if it broke in a little and slouches more...
    but it did look realllllly cool wrapped around my wrist, with my hand holding/scrunching the top of the bag.

    i didn't buy the bag, but still thought it was a cool, different look. i loved the chains, the white color with the silver hardware... so i might buy it and give it a try... not sure yet. want to see the red and black colors, too, just in case the leather is softer depending on color...
  7. Hi Jenn! :smile: Thanks on reporting back, btw, very nice of you! I'm sure I'll be happy too, I think this shade of red with the new chain will be a pretty combo. I read on the different thread that someone had problems with the chain kinking up, etc... I really hope that won't be a problem, because it would be so disappointing! :push:

  8. Hi clk55grl, thanks for the info. I have a question about the red caviar u saw, since I have not seen the clutch.

    Is it the red of the s/s 07 medium lambskin flap (dark red, w/bluish undertones, almost like a blood red)? I am hoping for a cherry or fire engine red. Thanks!
  9. CLK55GIRL!!!!As usual, you have shared with us your vast wisdom. I am SO not getting this bag now.:crybaby: Thanks for the look out. Now I will stop feigning this bag because apparently its not what I thought it was. Good looking out!!!
    Ok, maybe I will still get the small white one. AAAHHHH
    You think I should invest in a soft and chain instead? I am a big bag person too.
  10. Could I ask where the large hobo has arrived? I knew people were getting the small one, but was told the large would be later. Thanks!
  11. thanks jenn! the red sounds beautiful, :love: can't wait to see your red jumbo!:drool:
  12. goingindebt: It's not a bright red that mary kate has, it's more of a deep, rich red. I wanted the bright red too, but I'll take this. I'm also so glad that it's not a tomato red.

    JFusion: I'm also a big bag person as well, but I'm not exaggerating when I say the small rock n chain "hobo" is *really* small. It's a cute bag, but I need something that I can wear on my shoulder comfortably. Now I know why the model is holding the large rock and chain in all the ads and not wearing it on her shoulder. Personally, I prefer the soft and chain hobo and the cabas bags over the rock and chain.

    rollergirl: It was the south coast plaza boutique. I've noticed that they usually get their shipments of new bags faster than other boutiques.

    Mick: You're welcome. I can' wait to see it either! :yes:
  13. Thank you for the description. It sounds like there are many things wrong with this bag. It doesn't slouch nicely, it fits oddly on the shoulder, makes you arm stick out and even the leather isn't the nicest. :sad:
  14. clk55girl: I am calling you the BIG BAG GLAMOROUS GURU from now on. I feel that you should be consulted on all purchases. Thanks so much for your insight. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  15. CLK55 - Thanks for the description. I decided not to even wait list for the bag because I thought it would be hard to get in and out of because of where the zipper would be in relation to your body. Based on what you have described - I think my suspicions were correct!