Saw the gryson stuff at target...

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  1. They were already down to only one of the white woven fatter style with the detachable handle and the top carry handle that I was interested in. The "leather" was really..not leather. It was almost too soft, but not botkier bianca soft if you know what I mean. I didn't end up getting it - I wanted it for summer but I will be studying for the bar the whole time so not really necessary. I am more interested in the botkier for target stuff but will see if this gets marked down.

    So check out your local might be in!
  2. Botkeir is coming out with a line for Target? And Gryson has was now? I need to check those out!:yes:
  3. Yeah, I hadn't heard about Botkier for Target either! I love all these "___ for Target" lines but I just can't do pleather :yucky:
  4. I read the Grysons are vinyl???
  5. ^booo!:tdown:
  6. They are PVC to keep the price point low enough for Target.

    I just ordered one of the white woven bags with cutout handles, it should be here on Saturday.

    There are already several threads on this, we should have them merged.
  7. I saw them today. There are definite similarities to the "real" Grysons but the fake leather doesn't interest me.