Saw the Elliot Lucca bags in Pewter at Macy's I wanted -- not impressed.

  1. I had wanted to to order one of these two bags from either Zappos or Endless, and by chance found them at a Macy's store. I was surprised that the pewter looks so cheap and "sprayed on with spray paint", as my husband put it best. The pewter color is lighter than it appears in the photographs as well as shinier than I would have exptected. Also, the leather appears plasticy and flimsy, especially in the bag directly below. I have seen other Elliot Lucca bags that are lovely and tasteful, but these two feel like plastic knockoff bags -- too bad as they're beauiful designs.

    I'm still searching for the perfect pewter/gunmetal bag for the office/work week.


  2. That's such a least you didn't have to go through the hassle of discovering this after ordering it, then returning it etc. Well, this just means that the perfect bag is still out there waiting for you to discover it (and isn't that part of the fun?!)
  3. I have noticed that a lot of bags that photograph well aren't that great IRL (unfortunately, I learned this after ordering on-line several times!) Now I try to find the purse at a local store, or modeling pics here on TPF, sometimes they give more of the true story than photos on a website.