Saw the Cruise Look Book

  1. :sick:Um, I went to Chanel today-with my mom who was purchasing, not me. (banned til something wonderful) The SA asked me if I wanted to see the cruise look book. I was not impressed. Though I did see a lime green reissue on the last page. The classics were only listed in white and black and there were some really cool totes. However, I am not up to spending another 3k on a smaller version of a bag. There were some coral, and reds, however I am still confused why they keep listing classics as white and black. I am not impressed. Anyone else see the book?

    Omg, there was color-they called it blue something, it looked purple but who could tell by that tiny color square. Anyone else get a chance to see this?

    Oh and btw, I saw the new modern chain with the plastic chain. I just about threw up in my mouth, it resembles that chain that they use on kids toys. Or that plastic chain they use on swing sets. EW:sick:
  2. i saw the Saks Lookbook today and I must say, I am not impressed either. not terribly inspiring. (which is good. because I am on a ban. :p)

    i agree about the modern chain. i was really confused when i saw it. it doesn't look very hardy. and there were alot of fabric looking bags? hmmm...
  3. wow..thats awful!
  4. :yahoo: :yahoo: Now I can save for those colorful spring reissues~
  5. i definitely agree with jenn!
  6. Did you see the crackled patent bowler?
  7. Yikes, this makes me really sad! I usually love the Cruise collection, but this sounds scary!
  8. Thank goodness, I need a break from the madness until spring reissues....:p
  9. in a way, i'm glad the cruise bags don't sound appealing, because it means no new lemmings and lots more $$$ in my bank account! haha!
  10. What Purrrfect said! It's kind of a relief :sweatdrop:

  11. It always makes me laugh when someone says they threw up a little in their mouth. It's the inner child I guess.
  12. I'm so excited! I told my SA today "DO NOT call me until S/S 08." I have to pay off my NM charge in anticipation of spring/summer
  13. LOL !! Good Idea. :roflmfao:

    I am looking forward to S/S 08 Reissues too!
  14. lime green reissue?? i can't even picture that in my head. can't wait to take a peek on monday, though i am relieved to maybe sit out a collection this time around.
  15. so when does S/S come out?? I don't really understand the difference between that and cruise.