Saw the black croc Birkin w/diamonds in SF!

  1. I was out with my friends today in Union Square in SF and had to venture into the Hermes store. As soon as I walked in I saw a black croc Birkin with diamonds in the display case!!! I couldn't believe it. It was GORGEOUS!!!! I wish Hermes could let me take pictures but that was just unbelievable that I actually saw one in person! I've NEVER seen anything so beautiful, it looked like a 34cm (I could be wrong, I was far away) but I couldn't help but drool, big time!! :yahoo: :love:

    I ended up geting a pocket square - I think it's called Jeux Ombres? At least that's what it says on the scarf. It's a magenta and orange color with the Caleche print, dancing ballerinas and horse drawn carriages.

    I just had to share - has anyone else seen this bag in the store?
  2. Honu--thanks for posting--I saw the bag there a few weeks ago on my last trip to SF, and it is indeed amazing; it was like looking at a museum piece! But the $148K pricetag--:wtf: Yikes! Congrats on your pocket square!
  3. Saw it at another store and it's spectacular!
  4. orchids - Thanks for reminding me about the $148,000 price tag - Holy moly! :wtf: I thought the diamonds would be more sparkly since they were pave.

    Thank you for kind words about my pocket square, I should definitely take pictures tomorrow morning. ;)
  5. I am sooo excited to see this bag! I hope Danielle Steel or some other super rich collector doesn't snatch it up before I get a chance...
  6. I saw it a few weeks ago. As orchids said, it is like a museum piece. Unbelievably gorgeous!
  7. Yeah, I saw a similar one at Bond St, London and my jaw dropped! Gorgeous!
  8. I would have bought it last week but I didn't have my checkbook with me...:rolleyes:

    Can you imagine S'mom and the Bling-Croc buying the family size pack of toilet paper at Costco??????? :wtf:

    ....somehow i just don't see it......
  9. I am with you shopmom! This is one bag that I can appreciate as a "museum piece"... But...I would have absolutely no need to bring her home... (Reminds me of a mum in New York telling her children that FAO Schwartz was a "toy museum" could look, play, etc., but the toys stayed in the store...)
  10. Muaahahahaha D, that was some funny sh*t tryin' to picture you with your bling-croc birkin bag at Costco carrying stacks of toilet papers!

    K, back to topic.. yup, I saw one too at the George V store in Paris. A 25 cm cherry red shiny croc birkin with diamonds just sitting there on the shelf.
  11. I could see myself with the holy grail of all handbags driving my rental car Honda civic :lol:
  12. i saw it in Paris last April.. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous bag :smile:
  13. and only in texas....someone bought the black croc with dia. (exactly like the one in SFO) from the houston store. one lucky gal.

    it aint me, sorry.
  14. I saw a black porosus Birkin 35cm with diamonds at my local store. That one is priced at $168900.:wtf: :nuts:
  15. Honu, I saw that holy grail:nuts: It's a beauty!! That would make a nice xmas present:angel: