Saw the Berkeley it!!!

  1. Last night, as I was browsing through agendas at LV, I noticed they had both Berkeleys on display. The Azur was too high for little me to reach, so I tried on the Damier. (Which I found that I like better anyway, no pesky vachetta on the bottom to get in the way) All I can say is WOW, I really, really liked it!! It didn't fit very well over my bulky wool peacoat to use as a shoulder bag, but I think it looks nice handheld. Very roomy inside, but didn't appear too large in the mirror. The only 'ouch' for me is the price...
    I also tried on a Hampstead PM in Damier and loved it too! And in fact, it fit over the shoulder! OMG too many bags, too little $$$!!! :crybaby:
  2. I saw the Berkeley too and loved it, but it is so much more expensive than a Damier Speedy that I don't know if it is worth it. It is very pretty though!
  3. I just got the Berkeley yesterday. I will be posting up a new post with pics so watch out for it. It is a really nice roomy purse :heart:
  4. Oh yes! Could you please post pictures of you carrying it on the arm and on your shoulder... I am having a really hard time deciding between that and the Trevi PM. I need to make up my mind today and I haven't had time to check it out at LV, damn work! GRR!

    Thanks!! :yes:
  5. I just put up my post with pics if you guys are interested. :smile:
  6. I think the Berkeley is just gorgeous. You can't go wrong with it or the Trevi.
  7. i like it in the damier but I don't know which I prefer the summit drive or the Berkeley!!!!! So many choices!!
  8. Berk in Damier might be my next splurge when I get the $.....allthough I will wait until I see the Azur Hampstead IRL..then decide!!