Saw the Bay Bag Today

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  1. Bay Bags have arrived at NM Beverly Hills!
    Loved them!
    Very comfortable and a great size!
    My purse budget is blown for this year but 07 is right around the corner!
  2. Oh yeah ..... the bag I tried was the Camel color - so pretty!
  3. I love the Bay bag. It's very classy and elegant looking. Too bad it's so pricey!
  4. I love Chloe bags, but I know eventually they will go on sale, so I just wait for the sale.
  5. I don't like the bay...the leather seemed a little insignificant, I don't know. I guess I'm used to thicker leather. The lightness is a plus, I suppose.
  6. The only one I've seen is in the Saks catalog and the patina of the natural is gorgeous. It is NO WHERE on line (in that color).

  7. I'm with Rai! That's if the bag grows on me.
  8. eucalyptic,

    LOL! I hate to buy a bag for full price, then months later see it go on sale. My first couple of chloe bags were paid full price. But later, when I saw that first sale, and what I was able to get on sale, I knew I would never ever pay full price for another chloe bag again. And I am a huge chloe fan too. I actually love the fact they they do go on sale.

  9. Rai, I hear you! The only Chloé bags I paid full price for were my 2 paddingtons (khaki and tan) from early 2005 when getting a Paddington was like trying to look for a needle in a haystack. Since then I've gottten a lot more but always on sale from Aloha Rag, NM, Nordies, Saks and in Paris at Galeries Lafayette and Printemps during the summer sale with almost 70% off. I think I went overboard this year though... :jammin:
  10. I have pre ordered a Bay bag. Do you guys think there will be enough and it will go on sale? Shoudl I just be patient? I bought an Edith whiskey full price and am killing myself that i could have gotten two for the price of one
  11. OMG, the NM in St. Louis actually had the Bay Bags? I called the Beverly Hills Sac's store and a Katherine(?) was holding the tote for me (BTW @ 100 less than NM). Anyway I make a trip to the Neiman's to check out this bag because in the Sak's Spring Catalogue it looks really faboo and guess what? I HATE IT. The tote is HUGE and cavernous when you open it up. I told my sister I could stick a laptop and five rolls of newspaper in the thing. Okay, so it would be a good work bag but not purse. Actually it reminded me of my BIL's satchel that he carries around but even bigger.:wtf:
  12. I really like the Bay bag in pictures. Have yet to see it in person. but naturally, I will wait for the awesome Chloe sales. A lesson in patience!!
  13. I love the bay bags.....apparently the Chloe boutique in Sloane St is sold out of the brown already
  14. ACK! what to do? Should i get the bay bag now or wait. I mean there was a time when the Edith in Whiskey was sold out and no one thought they could get them and then now you can get them half off! Help. Bay Bags arent limited are they?
  15. I don't think they're limited. Wait 'til Aloha Rag gets it, chances are they will put it on sale a couple of seasons after.