Saw the Azur Cabas Plage---its super BIG!

  1. I saw the Cabas Plage PM today and was kinda sad.:crybaby:

    I love big bags but this was super super big.

    I couldnt beleive it.

    The SA said it is supposed to be a beach tote. That's why it so GINORMOUS.

    Hmmm. I have to think about it. Its a beautiful bag but I swear you guys its super big. The SA said it was the smaller of the two. :Push: I didnt even ask to see the bigger one :upsidedown:

    The rope handles are doubled so that just to carry it in your hands its like carrying someones ankles. I swear the rope handles are that big. :wtf: :lol:

    I really wanted it bad from the pics but I just can't see myself carrying this around everyday. Its like luggage. And trust me I like big bags.

    mono prob
    manhattan it
    saleya mm.....all day long

    Azur cabas plage...oh my goodness its big

    Has anyone else seen it? I'm curious to find out what everyone else thinks
  2. Thanks for letting us know! I was thinking about it myself, but I can't really wear large bags. How much was it going for?
  3. Wow..
    Went today to check out Azur but no plage in the strore yet. My SA asked me to put my name in the waiting list but I said no because it's so beach bag looking..
  4. LOL. Thanks for the info. :biggrin:
  5.'re making me want it!! I love, love, love big bags!
  6. I saw it today too and it is HUGE! All the accessories are super cute.:heart:
  7. i saw it in a magazine today and ya're absolutely right. i wished i had a scanner so that i can show ya guys.

    it's BIG BIG BIG!!!
  8. This fall is full of big bags, another example is the Chanel coco cabas. The small is huge, the large is just ridiculous. And both are completely sold out nationwide.
  9. Then I must have it! I love big bags.
  10. Did you go to the Houston Galleria? I liked the Plage... it was so... unique. :biggrin:
  11. OMG that sounds like someone could throw their back out!! :smile:
  12. well.....plage does mean beach...
    so it's kind of a given that it would be large enough to hold your towel(s) etc etc ...


  13. It really is gorgeous though!! I absolutely LOVE the handles! I just don't think I would ever use it!
  14. I love it!!!! Thanks for posting the pics. How much is it??
  15. pm is $1430
    gm is $1710