Saw Superman Returns! In love now...

  1. with Brandon Routh!

    Seriously, the movie was really good, the special effects were great, the storyline was intersting with a bit of love story thrown in, Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor was good, but.....I wasn't too crazy about Kate Bosworth, I thought she was a bit young (23) trying to play a 30 year old.

    However, I LOVE Brandon Routh now! He did a great job. I have always been a Christopher Reeve fan (I had his poster on my wall when I was a kid!) and Brandon looks like Christopher, even sounds like him. I ttotally recommend this movie to everyone!

  2. Yes-I agree. Saw it on wednesday with my little boy and we both loved it!
  3. Oh yes. Brandon Routh is cute!! Interesting how he really looks like Christopher Reeves from certain angles.
  4. I kind of want to watch this movie just to see if what everyone was saying about his package being so large to the point that people were thinking of digitally editing it cause it was too distracting.. is true ! That would be worth my 10$. :biggrin:
  5. Too funny! Well, I went to see Devil/Prada today but everyone else was in line for Superman! Maybe that's why :lol:
  6. Saw superman tuesday and loved it, he is so adorable. Now I'm wanting to go see it again.
  7. It's a great movie.....if you liked the Christopher Reeve superman movies you will LOVE this one.

    Nice dedication in the ending credits "with love to Christopher and Dana Reeve." So sad.

    I actually think this actor does a little bit better job in the role, and he looks a lot like Chris Reeve. Almost spooky.
  8. What? His package?!!!! I was too busy looking at his face :love: DH said his face looked like "plastic" in some scenes...I think it's because he was so least to me :lol:

    I need to watch this movie again to check out his package!!! :roflmfao:
  9. I liked the movie, but I guess Brandon is not my type. I'm a Batman girl through and through... :biggrin:
  10. Honu - you sound like my cousin ... she just loves Brandon as well! LOL
    Haven't seen the movie yet, looking forward to it ...
  11. Heehee....don't get me wrong, I'll always love Christian Bale as Batman, he has something about him that just gets me every time I watch his movies!!!
  12. saw it.. didn't like it as much.. but it was okay.. the story was okay.. but just didnt feel the new guy as Superman... maybe I was expecting too much..
  13. i wasn't thrilled with the movie either. in fact my hubby and i walked out wanting two hours of our life back. it probably had a lot to do with not being superman fans in general though. superman's TOO perfect, you know? not a lot of character development or things to overcome. i kind of felt like they split their focus too should have been a romantic lois lane story with a little action or a LOT of action with a little lois. and superman looked plasic-y cg the whole time. it was distracting. (although i didn't notice his package...that would have made it better...hehe.)

    the acting was good though. the guy who played superman did really well with what he was given to work with. loved kevin spacy, but he was hard to buy as lex luther. kate bosworth just wasn't convincing...i really wanted to see someone the correct age in that role. her line delievery had the mannerisms of a 19 or 20 year old, not a professional journalist. i like that they left her eyes alone though. they're so neat. :smile:

    did anyone notice that kitty had hardsided LV luggage in the end scenes? :smile:
  14. Saw it yesterday & was really disapointed, where were the action scenes? I thought it was also way too long, it could have been edited extensively
  15. Ilzabet I noticed..LOL!! But I wasn't too sure I tried taking a second look so I was right it was LV. I loved the movie & I agree Brandon Routh is gorgeous!! OMG I was thinking I would love to be his Lois Lane. Kate Bosworth was alittle to young to be playing that role, but other than that it was a funny movie w/ great special effects.