Saw Strange New Style in Barneys--What Is It Called

  1. I saw this really interesting new style today at Barneys--it's a B'bag with a metal frame on top--the bag is rather big and flat and has a top handle like a satchel. It also has metal pieces so that you can fold up the bottom and attach it and it turns it from a sort of shopping tote into a top-handle style bag. Anyone know what this is called?
  2. do you have a pic of this style?
  3. Is it the Partition Bag? Here's a pic

  4. Yes! That's it! Thanks for posting the photo-I thought it was really different...
  5. :yes:
    Yep, Partition is my guess!
  6. I like too! I wish I could justify another brown bag. I wonder what other colors it comes in?
  7. I've seen it in Marine, Truffle, Black at Bal NY
  8. INteresting bag..looks very vintage style to me....but i still like the classic motorcycle style than this.....:smile:
  9. I love the style! Very vintage-y and simple.....

    I really wanted it when it, but talked myself out of it because it's not practical for me because of its single handle(I carry a lot with me, it has to be double to support the weight) and it metal frame on the top(extra weight, which I don't need). :girlsigh: