Saw Somethin Real Cute Today At Nm!

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  1. Has anyone seen the pink caviar Petite Shopping Tote? i don't recall anyone on here mentioning it in any color but black, tan, etc., but i could be wrong.

    saw it in pink today (the same pink as the silver medallion tote) and it is absolutely beautiful.

    i carry alot, i tried my stuff in it and it accommodates tons!!!

    just wanted to pass this along in case any of you are looking for a pink caviar tote, that it does exist! please forgive my unawareness if it has been around for awhile...:shame: .......(i already have the pink silver medallion one) :happydance:
  2. Didn't know it came in that color either. But thanks for the heads up. I was also wondering how much it could thanks for the info...:flowers:
  3. Didn't know it came in that color!! Sounds so cute!!! Too bad we don't have pics:crybaby:
  4. My NM had a pink PST and a pink Medallion today:heart:
  5. ^^^BTW how much does the PST retail for?
  6. Claudia, you are so lucky you have the pink Medallion. I just about died when I saw that -- I almost bought it instead of a beige GST but I went for practicality instead. I already have two pink Chanel bags I don't use but I REALLY want to add the pink Medallion to my collection!

    Just FYI: they also make (or perhaps, MADE) a pink GST.
  7. I know Michelle1025 just bought one a couple weeks ago :yes:
  8. Intl! there's a pink caviar medallion at Saks Boca......just sitting there in a plexiglass showcase where none of the little boca brat kids can get their sticky fingers on it lol
    its waiting for you and is $1650!

    (561) 393-9100
    ask for Marta, or whoever answers

    oh....also, the pink PST has two deep slots in either side of the zipper to hold a multitude of stuff: daybook, blackberry, keys, cellphone, folded up newspaper or brochure, knickknacks, a portable CD player, a Chihauhau (the last 2, just kidding :p )

    did the "older" PST have these slots? i can't remember>>>>>>>>>>>:s
  9. Thanks for the info !
  10. Skinny...the PST is under $1500, can't remember if its $1425, 1450, or 1475, but in that neighborhood. at least the camel one is...if the pink is a new color, knowing Chanel they could have raised the price...actually i didnt check out the price of the pink 'cause assumed it was same as the camel which has been around:yes:
  11. the pink PST is GORGEOUS. love the color, it's just the right amount of pink

  12. I love my pink PST:

  13. it's a cutie pie!
  14. I bought the PST and I think it was $1150. It was beautiful, but not large enough for my stuff. So, I exchanged it for the GST.

    The GST fits me so much better. I think the other reason the GST fits me better is because I am so tall. I felt like I was too big for the PST.

    I bought it in the beige with gold hardware and it was beautiful. I came close to not sending it back because my daughter was so loving it. I wanted the GST, so it went back.

    It's a gorgeous bag. It's beautiful in pink as well.
  15. The PST in pink is so cute. A beautiful shade of pink.