Saw someone carrying this bag today...

  1. I really like that bag. It's gorgeous!
  2. I really like Colehaan bags. Haven't looked at them in awhile this is a really nice bag.
  3. Up close and in person it really looks like a much more expensive bag, IMO. The leather is really nice and the hardware detailing is very classy.
  4. I have been wanting this bag for a while...but can't afford it yet.
  5. Looks like a great bag. I have a few Cole Haan leather bags and they've held up great and still look great after a few years.
  6. I take a double take everytime I see them in Saks, their bags have come a LONG way! Most of them are great!
  7. Really nice looking bag. I always forget about this company. Need to remind myself to check it out
  8. Love tha bag pseub! I always forget about Cole Haan's bags, and they are so fantastic. Will have to check it out at hte boutique!
  9. I saw someone with that recently. Looks great!
  10. It reminds me of a gucci and looks really nice for the fraction of the cost
  11. It's a nice bag. I love the color.
  12. Yes, it was the color that first caught my eye. It's a very rich brown.
  13. It makes me think of the gucci horsebit hobo, but yeah, it is nice.
  14. Very nice bag.. Great price too, i agree Cole Haan has come along way. I need to go check this bag out IRL...
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