saw some tokidoki in south street

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  1. i wasn't expecting to see any so it was a shock when i did. i didn't even see it at first my aunt pointed it out to me. it was in a store called fusion and there was a adios star ciao ciao, spiaggia bocce, spiaggia bv, famiglia canguro and something else adios star but i forget.

    the cactus kid on the adios star ciao ciao looked really faded and weird so i immediately thought they were fakes but i checked under all the zippers and they were real. unless the fakers have perfect that too now? they also had the era hats but i'm not into hats.

    i don't think any of you live in philly though
  2. I don't live in Philly, but I live about an hour and a half away. Thanks for mentioning your find.
  3. i don't live in philly either, 45 minutes away so i'm not normally down there. and actually i believe the store was called emoda you had to use the fusion entrance to get in though so i forget which store it was
  4. i live in philly! i rarely go to south street tho and when i do i'm always broke or in a rush so i've never been in those stores.

    too bad none of the bags you mentioned are bags i want tho:cry:
  5. south street is amazing they have such cute clothes and it was a bonus that i saw some tokidoki too!
  6. I live in Philly, so maybe I'll hit South St on Sunday and check it out. I have no items in this line, but I've heard a lot about it.
  7. i heard bridgewater mall in jersey has some tokidoki too. it's like an hour north of philly maybe 1 1/2. Macy's Philly def doesn't. i've been checking loehmanns weekly, they still have an arancia BV, 2 or 3 citta scuola's and an olive camo luna, but no sign of a new shipment.