Saw some nice stuff in Boston this week...

  1. I finally got to check out the LV in Saks earlier this week. It looked so pretty with lots of pomme accessories, tons of epi ivorie, and mini lin in dune. I didn't have time to stay and play, so I went back this weekend LOL.
    I ended up just hitting the boutique in Copley this time since I wanted to bring in my luggage tag for heatstamping. I exchanged my Juan les Pins denim espadrilles for the Grenadine monogram denim sandals with the cute bow. The espadrilles were just too clunky on my feet, and I have like 3 other new pairs of espadrilles. They didn't have as many of the new bags out that Saks had, but they had other goodies! They had black & white MC astropills, multicolore pastilles keychains and holders, glitter key holder, and the speedy inclusions in beige and berry. They also had the pomme and beige inclusion bracelets and rings! I forgot to bring my luggage tag, so I need to make another trip soon!
    I have a lovely new SA at the boutique. Since most of my stuff had been purchased from elux or as gifts by DH, I never really had one SA. Sometimes in the past, it has taken such a long time to find someone to help me at the boutique, that I've walked out and ordered from elux. She's the only one who ever offered me her card, and told me to call her for whatever I need...LE or otherwise. Now I know who to call that will take me seriously for a waitlist item. Maybe all the other SA's thought I was young and poor LOL! I think they were really just a little PO'd that I had ordered the espadrilles from 866 vuitton and didn't have them order them for me from their store. I told her that whoever helped DH at Christmastime told him they didn't have my size, and that he'd have to order them. They never offered to order and send out, so he figured he'd try elux. When I finally ordered them in Feb. they came from Atlanta store since Elux never had my size. Anyways, just wanted to give her props.....she told me that I could call her for anything I need. I'm just so thrilled that I have a SA that seemed happy to make a sale (and MANY more in the future) from little ol' me!!
  2. did they heatstamp your items for you in the store or did they have to send them out? if it was done in the store, how long did it take? just curious cause i'm planning on going to copley on sunday to get a luggage tag heatstamped for my damier speedy 30 and i was wondering if they would do it in store. i could always call them but i figured i would ask you first! thanks so much! :smile:
  3. Congrats on finding the perfect SA! Nice to know beige inclusion pieces are still floating around :yes: