saw some new spies today ... weird

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  1. So I was in Barneys today and I saw two spies I had never seen/heard of before (maybe just because I'm out of the loop lately on bags.) They were like puffy leather ... like those ugly winter jackets ... there was a green and a red. They were SUPER soft though. There was a little patch on the side too. I don't think I liked them very much. Have any of you seen them too? What do you all think?
  2. Oh, the garbage bag spy! I forget where the other thread was that discussed them. :lol:

    P.S. I love your Spy avatar!!!
  3. Are they out already? Oh goodness. I wished and wished it was some urban legend. Like I said in another thread, the fakes will come out very soon. It's so easy to copy this material. And soon it will be hard to tell real ones from fakes eg. Prada Tessuto.
  4. is it really called the garbage bag spy? haha omg! well it certainly looks like it. and thanks on the avatar i would do anything for a sequin spy i think it's so gorgeous!

    the fakes are going to be DISGUSTING! i can just imagine the strange hybrids they create
  5. which (where) Barneys did u go girl?
  6. No, the official name is the Moncler spy as in Moncler ski down jackets.
  7. how much they retail for?
  8. ^^LOL! More than a Glad garbage bag..LOLOLOLOL

    oh yes that's what the patch said, moncler with like little apline trees or something. i didn't check the price since i thought they were hideous.
  10. the teeny little Barneys that opened kinda recently in boston, copley mall
  11. They were made in connection with the French outfitter Montclar - Monclair(spelling?). They were show in the New York Post, of all places! They are $2,100. and supposedly only 500 were made, but I tend to doubt that. They come in green and red and someone else here said they come in black. But I'm not sure about that.
  12. ^^ I think they do come in black because someone posted pics of the black one. That one really looked like a glad garbage bag. :lol:
  13. I'm glad newer Spy's are comin' out. Maybe, then, the older one's will go on sale! Hopefully...
  14. I wish! :nuts:
  15. I saw the black Garbage Spy in Malaysia...its hideous...kinnda funny to the touch and soft and cushy...oh god..i think im really describing a PILLOW!!!