Saw Some New Gucci Fall Bags!

  1. went to SHORT HILLS MALL today and WOW.....I saw the bestest bag ever!
    Its the GUCCI BRITT TOTE I have in logo with brown trim...EXCEPT its IN ALL BROWN LEATHER!!!ITS FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tup::heart::yahoo:

    Even better ..the price...only 890!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOLY MOLY!

    I didnt care for the crest bags so far..saw a Boston one and a tootsie roll one(HATED THAT SHAPE)looks like the LV papillon one..eek

    If I hadnt bought a VERY expensive Chanel bag today.I woulda brought that baby home!LOL!Saw ita t the Saks GUCCI counter there.its super light weight leather too!!!!!
  2. oh wow I would love to see a picture of it!!:heart:33
  3. wow, i can't wait to see that. sounds amazing!
  4. sounds great, i am now dying to see the new bags!
  5. can't wait too! wish you got a picture of it ;)
  6. I saw it too! Sooo beautiful!!! Did you see the GG crystal brits they are beautiful!
  7. can't wait! wonder why my store is so slow in getting the new merchandise!!!?
  8. I went to the Gucci flagship and saw them on shelves already! The crystal is this shiny coated monogram fabric, I'm not a fan, but you can use it when it's raining! The SA told me it's waterproof. Also I saw they made use of their old logo (fw is based on the 40s after all) and there was a princy tote with gold leather trim. That's really all I can remember now... I have yet to see the crest everyone is talking about though. However this collection is definitely, for lack of a better word, 'older', for some bags I can't really picture a young girl using it.
  9. Ahhhhhh! We need pictures! :yes:
  10. I agree..The crest logo bags are"OLDER"......My 11 yr old called them granny bags..ROFLMAO
  11. LOL! That's so funny! It reminded me of people calling the large Chanel bag a trash bag :roflmfao: