Saw some new goodies at my boutique today...

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  1. Stopped to pick up my tea rose dinky. The SA showed me three butterfly pieces. They are cute! Not me, but I can still appreciate the work that goes into the details. I don't know the names of the styles because they are smaller/not sizes I usually carry.

    I also saw 4 new Nomads (pardon me for not knowing exact color names) - (1) fog (had dark silver hardware, not quite gunmetal, and a pinky beige lining (Adobe?); (2)burgundy and (3)oxblood, both had brass hardware, one of them had a dark pink lining, I'm blanking on the other lining, sorry. (4) saddle or British tan? darn I can't remember the exact name she said it was. I swear I only had one glass of wine so far. But what was special about it was how it was burnished/darker on the edges. Silver hardware and a burgundy interior. Gorgeous imo.

    They had a gorgeous small grey saddle that was burnished on the edges too. And a burgundy one.

    That's it. Just thought I'd share as I was curious what the new offerings in the Nomad might be. No olive green, darn it.
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  2. Oh yay! I love the burnished edges and can't wait to see what all they do in grey!
  3. Saddle and oxblood aren't new colors, are they?
  4. Oxblood is definitely not new; my SA told me Coach brought it back again just because of how popular it was.
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  5. I also saw the new saddle Nomad, it's burnished saddle, the interior is oxblood leather lining and it has a slight oxblood edging--it is beautiful!
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  6. I know!!! Another Nomad wasn't on my radar as I really want a Rogue, but the new saddle is really striking.

    Hobbsy - IIRC there was a saddle, but not burnished and not with the burgundy details. It's much richer looking, imo.
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  7. Oh, I love that burnished leather. Argghh I don't need another Nomad..but....they are as close to a perfect bag to me as anything! Did you say you saw a grey one? Was it burnished too? What was the price?
  8. No, I wish there was a burnished grey Nomad or burnished olive. There was a fog one (light greyish) but not burnished.

    There was a small saddle bag in the burnished grey and burnished burgundy. $395 I think. The grey was beautiful.

    I have two Nomads and love them. Didn't think I'd like not having a secure zippered compartment for my wallet, but I adapted quickly. How many do you have?
  9. I didn't mean to, but ended up with 4! Butterscotch, black, oxblood and black cherry and I use and love all 4 of them. Burnished grey or olive would be gorgeous; I'm really wanting a grey bag. Do you remember how much the burnished saddle one was?
  10. You have a nice selection of Nomads. I started with plain ol' navy because I didn't have a navy bag. Then got eggplant because I love shades of purple. I was tempted by others, but refrained...

    I believe the small burnished grey saddle was $395.
  11. I wouldn't get the small one, even though I love grey. Was the saddle $495?
  12. No, $395. They only had the small one. I don't know if it'll be available in grey in the larger size.
  13. So the large saddle was the same price as the small grey? $395?
  14. There was no large saddle. Maybe re-read my posts? I don't think I ever mentioned a large saddle. Just a small one.
  15. I'm talking about the color saddle or British tan Nomad. Was it large or small?