Saw S/S 2008 Look Book at Saks - Classic Flap not so classic!

  1. My SA gave me a peek at her lookbook tonight (although I guess they're not supposed to do that?!) We oohed and Aahed over the metallic reissues and I am loving one of the bags from the LAX line, that I also already saw posted out here.

    Anyhow, I pointed to three bags in the book and asked which ones they were and she said they were the Classic Flap. Well, let me tell you, it doesn't look ANYTHING like the classic flap at all!

    Best I can remember, it came in three light colors and had sort of a "scooped" front to it, the chains ran beneath the bag as well. It was a very funky, bright, totally redesigned classic flap!

    Hope I'm not confusing it with another bag, but I know that's what she told me! I am going back on Friday or Saturday so I'll take a look again!

    I also saw that on one of the bags that has the Mademoiselle closure, the closure is two toned...silver and gold. Back plate is silver with a gold turnlock or vice versa.

    (I would be really bad at an accident scene since I remember enough to make it interesting but not enough to be certain!)

    So, everyone is loving the Metallic reissues but wait until you see those "Classic" Flaps!
  2. Okay, now I'm excited! :yes:
  3. Oh thanks ... Can't wait to see!!!! Thanks for sharing that info! :smile:
  4. sounds really cool, thanks!
  5. Oh my gosh...I can't wait to see them!!
  6. Wow! I was going to wait till the trunk show, but this is making me want to see the S/S lookbook now!

    What does the "scooped" front look like? It sounds intriging!
  7. I wanna see how the 'new classic flaps' look like!
  8. Wow, I'm really intrigued!! :nuts: I don't understand what the chains running beneath the bag really means (I think of the MC flap when I think chains beneath the bag)... I can't quite picture it on a classic flap. :confused1: All I know is, I adore the classic flaps just as they are, so I'm wondering what they could do to make them more appealing haha (probably nothing for me)! ;)
  9. ^I know. I hope it's nicer. Actually, I hope it's ugly so I won't be tempted to buy ANOTHER classic flap lol.
  10. Do you remember what the 3 light colors were?
  11. acks now you make me look forward to the classic flaps more than the reissues! i was totally craving for the jigsaw stitched reissue until you mention this! hehe
  12. I have that wriggly "when is it going to be Christmas" feeling that I haven't had since I was 7 years old LOL :hysteric::hysteric:
  13. oooh i can't wait to see what they look like - i cant quite picture them! lol :smile:
  14. I'll look for more on Friday or Saturday and let you know! They don't look ANYTHING like the Classic Flaps!
  15. so exciting, I cant wait until we can really see piccies and the real thing :biggrin: