Saw reissues!

  1. I waqs in Hong Kong a couple of days ago and saw a lt. silver reissue (HK$22,000) and a metallic black 228(?) $26,000. Both are gorgeous when i tried it on, but i have a rose golld 227 and waitlisted in the US for a dark silver 227 . Which Im not sure if i'll be able to get... now, Im regretting.. I should have just bought it at HKG airport.
  2. wow jsg, i was in hong kong during the end of july and saw no reissues at all. I saw the black reissue with pearl chain in HK airport and a dark silver reissue being offered to a lady in the Central store. Hope you get your dark silver soon!
  3. ^Yes good luck with the dark silver, it's TDF!
  4. jen0575,

    I love your dark silver 228, mind if telling me how much? and are they rare to find one? so envy!!
    I manage to try metallic black in 228 and surprisingly it fits me well even im only 5"5..just wonder if i get it cheaper in US..thanks so much!
  5. Hello.............My friend just retured a dark silver and light silver 227 in hongkong duty free airport... she got instead the 226 in the states... she returned it two days hopefully its still there... here is the no. of Chanel Hkg Duty Free 00-852-29181108 look for ice.... Hoping its not too late for you..
  6. It is even more expensive in HK! I know HK just had a price increase in July. Just curious, does anyone by chance know the price for metallic black 226 and dk silver 225 in HK?