Saw purple Tribeca IRL!!

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  1. I was at the Madison Ave. boutique and they showed me the purple Tribeca that is coming out next week. It is beautiful but the leather is thin and the bag doesn't stand up like the gallery tote from a few yrs. ago. Someone on the forum had ordered one, so I'd love to know how they like it after wearing it. I also saw the new colors of Julianne, grass and walnut. The grass is a beautiful color of new grass!
  2. :useless:
    Seriously! You are such a tease!!!
  3. one of my boutiques had them to...the EW is actually very small. the NS is a lot bigger. i think it's a nice color though. good price points for the EW at 298 but like i said, it's more horizontal and looked significantly smaller
  4. I know they're trying to lower prices, but I wish they wouldn't make all the new bags in this thin leather. They feel really cheap to me.
  5. Grass green was this a true green or yellow like we saw before?
  6. How dark was te purple tribeca?
  7. Is it a thin as the Maggie or is Poppy thin... I like the light weight feel of the Maggie but do not want a bag any thinner
  8. You gals are killing me, I want to see the Tribeca IRL so bad!!
  9. I want to see it too really bad. Seems like all the materials are thinner in general to me.
  10. Did they have the pink patent Tribecca
  11. The Julianne that is called "grass" is greener than the Madison magazine tote that is called green. It looks like new grass, in other words, the color of grass that has just started growing in the spring. Definitely not as dark as the green patent Sabrina.
    The purple East/West Tribeca is a true purple. Not as quite as dark as the purple Soho was. The leather seemed really thin and definitely didn't stand up well on its own, but a really pretty bag. I thought it was a good size medium tote, larger than my gallery tote from a few years ago.
  12. Didn't baglady do a reveal of the tribeca a while back?
  13. That's who it was! I'd like to know how she likes it now that she has had it awhile.
  14. They didn't have the pink patent in yet. I'd like to see it also.