Saw Punch at lunch!

  1. It is freakin gorgeous! They only had the wristlet. But they did have the new signature totes in the black/white and the khaki/white. They made the handles longer too!!!:yahoo: Even the small fit over my winter coat! I am sold!:nuts: I will be getting the punch on Thursday when they come out. BTW, i saw these bags today at Nordstrom/Chicago.

    I'm also debating on the pond legacy shoulder.....
  2. I love your heading of this thread!! made me laugh hahha
  3. Cool! Did you go with Dr. Suess? :p
  4. yep!

    We had fun
    We even saw the sun.

  5. oh yay! That's great news!

    I'm assuming the handles are longer only on the new colors?
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. oohhh............i cant't wait!!!!!! I'm so loving the punch...must have something pink this season!!!
  8. The Punch is gorgeous! Cute thread title!!
  9. It is gorgeous. So sad they won't be monogrammed.:crybaby:
  10. superstar, they will be available for monogramming about three weeks from when they come out. My SA told me that and I also confirmed with
  11. does anyone know if the punch will come in the "medium" tote size? for $298?
  12. I went to the big COACH store on Madison last Monday and they were completely sold out of the Black Legacy Wristlet :crybaby:
    They said it might come w/the new shipment in one or two weeks-does anyone know when exactly that will be?

  13. well, today i "bought punch at lunch" I got the small one, but does anyone know if the punch will come in the medium size???
  14. Marie
    the black legacy wristlet is available now!!!! confirmed by SA at JAX.
  15. I'm not big on pink usually, but I'm loving punch! The wristlet is calling my name.