Saw New Mj Bags At Nm...

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  1. I saw alot of the new MJ bags last night at my NM store and I have to say...EEK...HATED THEM ALL..What is up with that??????
    There was even one bag I thought id have to buy when it came out ..For some reason ..MJ bags are looking CHEAP this season..seriously..not well made looking at all....Anyone here feel the same way?

    I was kinda disappointed..As your MJ MOD..Im surprised to say this and ashamed..LOL..BUT...WOW...Didnt like ANY of the new bags..And they had them all!
  2. Oh no! Which styles did you see Jill? My local Barney's doesn't have the new styles in yet, though I did see one small studded bag that was new. It's too bad that the new styles are not nice, I totally loved the deep amethyst and green colors that they did last season. I'm not sure I will like the upcoming S/S metallic bags they have planned, did you see any of those?
  3. That is disappointing! What styles did you see Jill?
  4. I haven't been to the dept stores lately, but from what I've seen, I can't say that I'm excited and running out the door. Nothing has caught my attention either.
  5. Yes! I felt the same way. I went to NM, Saks, and MJ store and liked NOTHING! I looked at the new Elise and was not impressed with the leather. I love the style but felt the leather looked dated....not very youthful and fun.
  6. The only bag I absolutely HATE from the line is the new python stams. I just think they are SUPER ugly. Also they are stiff. Stams are not supposed to be that stiff.
  7. Yes! Those turq.+python stams that come in either a neutral or a baby blue are absolutly, positively GROSS. Like, reallyyyyy bad. And i can't stand any of the bags with those ugly eyelets spelling out "MARC JACOBS" either.. Ugh. Agreed. Disapointing overall.
  8. I saw a new bag at my local Nordstrom that was modeled after one of those paper shopping bags that you get at dept. stores, w/ Marc Jacobs on the front. It's black and made of leather. Has anyone had a chance to see one? It puzzled me...
  9. Just found a pic, here it is...

  10. I saw some his new stuff in bloomie'd yesterday and walked quickly to Dior. I hate the fact MJ is plastered on practically most bags. It looks tacky and the bags are totally uninspired
  11. Gotta agree with Jill, MJ this season is not that good looking! I wonder what happened!?
  12. I don't care for the "Sweet Punk" collection (I think that's what it's called). Neither do I like the Marc Jacobs name on the bags. They look tasteless to me.

  13. Me too...I totally agree^.....:heart: Emmy
  14. I saw that new bag(SALONI??)..liked it in pics..saw it IRL...was like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!:yucky:
  15. What about the Emily Jill? Did you see that?