Saw My HG today and made a fool of myself.

  1. O.K., so I was bored and I decided to go to Holts LV at Yorkdale and look around. They had many of the new bags (saw the motard pochette, the limelight, the palermo). Anyway, as I was walking around a woman walked in and she was carrying a NOIR MIRAGE GRIET!!!!! Now I have not seen one of these IRL, but that is my HG. So of course I have to move in for a closer look. The bag was TDF:drool::drool::drool: Even more stunning than I could have imagined. So I stand there and stare at the bag. She picks it up and puts it on the counter as she wants to exchange another bag and my heart melted. OMG, the shape, the hardware, the canvas :love:. Well, not being one to not be friendly I walk right up to her and say "I love your bag, it is stunning." Well, she was totally shocked. I don't know if it is because she did not know I was stalking her,:shame: I mean I certainly wasn't subtle, or that she was just worried about the exchange she was doing or if she just thought I was plain crazy....but she looked down at me and said very cooly "oh thanks." Then she turned around and finished her transaction. I then proceded to slink out of the store. :upsidedown: Anyway I made a fool out of myself but I have seen my dream bag and who knows maybe one day I will be able to own one.
  2. haha! atleast you saw your dream bag!!
  3. understandable for you to stalk the bag! I saw a mono griet on my way in to work last week and I had to walk a wee bit faster just so I could take a peek!
  4. OMG i totally can imagine the scene LOL
    i have once followed a girl too because i love her vest ha ha ha
  5. What does HG stand for? I too love the Mirage Griet in Noir!
  6. I think HG is Holy Grail?

    I don't think you made a fool of yourself - some people don't know how to take compliments and they are almost embarrased by them ;)
  7. i've done this too - several times from LV to Hermes!!! Haven't noticed though if someone has done it to me too?
  8. At least you saw all the new bags and your dream bag:idea:
  9. You are too cute! Maybe someone should not wear a bag like this if they do not want to be noticed!
  10. TY everyone. I knew people here would understand how important it was to get a good look. :yes:
    Viviana it looked exactly like your bag in your avatar. Congrats! That is a stunning bag.
  11. She came across as the fool....not you!!!!!!! She could have given you a warm smile and admired your enthusiasm.
  12. I think the mirage griet totally is a dream bag!!! I would love to own one myself, but unfortunately a bit too expensive for me now, just spend a lot on bags lately. But it would look great with the mirage speedy...
    Don't worry about your compliment, indeed, some people just don't know how to take a compliment. Maybe she never experienced this before and whas overwhelmed..
    I'm pretty sure she likes you noticing her gorgious bag when she thinks back about it. I would if I were her!
    Hope you do get it one day!
  13. HAHAHA!! I love it!
  14. Thank you SARAH, and yes it's huge..:flowers:
  15. Thanks Nyria!