Saw my first Birkin today in person...I think

  1. I was at the car wash getting mine cleaned up and this skinny woman walks in with a rather large (for her size) bag. She passes me and I instantly notice it's a Birkin, but it might be fake (KY women are notorious for carrying fakes). It was camel/peanut butter color with gold hardware. It also, which I found odd, gold rivets around the corners of the bag. Did they make one like that? I loved the color.
  2. Never seen one with gold rivets, but I could be wrong.
  3. I never saw one with gold rivets either.
  4. I saw one with gold rivets at a leather store once. It was not Hermes, I think just a Birkin-inspired bag.
  5. true birkins don't come with gold rivets, I believe it was just a replica...
  6. hmmmm I should have asked her where she bought it.
  7. gold rivets??? :suspiciou my vote is fake
  8. La Vanguardia: I like your twilly!
  9. Thanks jehaga. Your avatar also looks gorgeous! I'm liking it!
  10. era Falso!!!! ~it's fake!!!!~