Saw my dream kelly, but i'm not excited, why?

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  1. last week, i was offered a gold kelly 32 w PH but didn't pick it at the end, since i didn't feel well and stay home. the SA only kept the bag for 3 days and it's gone now. i asked later and it was clemence, i'm kinda sad that it slipped this time but i'd take it next time. :yes:

    then today, while window shopping in H, i tried an orange kelly 32 w gold HW. i posed it in front of the mirror for around 20 sec but i didn't feel the need or excitement to get it. why??:wtf: is it becoz of color or combination? it's also clemence. will i feel the same way when my bag finally comes? initally i think orange, gold, red or fuschia will do for me..

    also, i find it's kinda small on me. i'm not tall, 5'4 and 120lbs.. maybe i got some problem tonight.. :sad:
  2. Sometimes maybe you just aren't in the mood. Or it's just not the right combination or size or whatever. But you will find the perfect one!!! :yahoo:
  3. You'll know the right bag, BillBill. Believe me. You won't be able to leave the store without it.
  4. ^^^^ Yup!
  5. :yes: So in love with the Clemence one I tried on yesterday. :love:
  6. ...and if it wasn't for your life circumstances being what they are, you would have BOUGHT THAT BAG!!!!! This much, I know for sure................
  7. That was a bloody GORGEOUS bag on you, H. Fit you to a tee.............
  8. Sorry to hear about that... I'm sure if it was something you knew right away you'd like, you would feel it, like a great wave of excitement.

    Maybe it is a good idea since you have access to the store, to go in once in a while and look at the bags, even accessories they have. You might be surprised to fall in love with a totally different color. If 32cm is small, for your frame, you might like 35cm, it is a great size too.
  9. I agree with shopmom and rose. you'll know when it's the right bag.

    maybe that's why a lot of people turn down their special order. when seeing it realize it's not "true love".
    that's also why i have an idea of what i may like but not restricting myself to the very very very specific. perfect dream and reality dont' always match 100%.

    it's a good thing. you dont' settle for anybag, and you give yourself a chance for the true love.
  10. Thanks D!!! Oh, it was perfection in bag form! By next Valentine's day I'll have one. :dothewave:
    Yeah baby!!!!! That's my goal!
  11. Fesdu and everyone just said it above. Every so often the one you think you 100% want turns out not to be perfect for you - that's probably one reason why so many special orders are turned down (besides life circumstances, etc.). More often than not, it's been ones I didn't originally have on my radar that I now like much better than those I did.

    I'd also suggest trying a 35. The 32 can sometimes feel small to some people - it all depends on your personal perception.
  12. The right one will sing to you, don't worry, just remember to post pics when you get it. I think you have to be fatalistic about bags that you 'missed' ie they were never meant for you, the right one will be yours one day.
  13. It could be could also be proportion... I find myself quite attracted to the 28 and 35 cm kelly bags...the 32 does not "fit" me as well... Professor indicates research must continue...all hypotheses tested before conclusions may be drawn!!! Best of luck to you!!! You will know when it is "your" bag!!!
  14. CB...Wish I could have seen your kelly dance!!!!!
  15. If you don't love it, it's okay! Wait until you find one you adore.