Saw my dream Fendi - was so disappointed!!!


Buy now, think later
May 25, 2006
Ever since I saw that picture of the Olsen twins with the Fortuny spy, I've been in :heart: ....such a gorgeous bag!! :love: Well, I'd never had the opportunity to see it IRL until this past Boxing Day. I was at Holt's when I saw the Fendi bag of my dreams sitting there on display with none other than a tag with a MARKED DOWN price on it!!! My heart STOPPED...until I picked up the bag and disappointment started to take over. :sad: The Fortuny was NOT in good condition - it must have been on display for a very long time. The leather also seemed really flimsy...but maybe it was because of the wear and tear from being on display...??? Either way, I was extremely disappointed and I have now crossed off the Fortuny Spy from my dream bag list...I'm sure one day it'll be back on the list when I see a brand spankin new one, but till then I'm stuck with the image of that sad looking Fortuny Spy at Holt's...*sigh*... :crybaby:
Awwww, but take into consideration that even if you get a new Fortuny, after owning/wearing for awhile, your bag might be in the same condition as the one you saw at Holt's.
nancypants - I think it was about CDN$1,200...I can't remember exactly...

katgrrrl - You are SO would break my heart if I had a Fortuny and I ruined it like that!!! Guess it's just not the bag for me...ah well! There are plenty more out there...LOL...