Saw my dream black bag (Chanel) at Toronto me ID!

  1. Hey ladies. So there I was on Friday, killing time in the Toronto airport on a layover, getting a mani at the new 10 minute manicure place (killer spot to people watch btw). So this girl walks by, I took one look at her bag and my jaw hit the floor. It looked like the cabas, same style shoulder straps and hanging double cc charm, but it looked like the entire bag had the quilted leather pattern (versus all the ones I've seen that just have the quilting along the bottom). Is this from a different season or something? Where on earth would I find it? I really really wanted to go up and ask her about it but didn't want to seem like a stalker. Please help me!
  2. Anyone? I am fairly new to Chanel so apologize if this is a dumb question or something...but I haven't seen a Cabas that is all quilted like that.
  3. Hmm I haven't seen one that is quilted all over either. It could possibly be a fake because I have seen some versions of the cabas that they have never made before...
  4. Ick!!!! I was SO thinking it wasn't a fake. She seemed like a totally classy chick...I don't want to think that she was carrying a fake. :confused1:
  5. I haven't seen that bag either. If this happens again, and you see a bag you love... you will know to run over and ask.

    By the way, when you said you saw a Chanel at the Toronto airport, I thought they must have opened a store there... without my knowing.

    ETA - how do you know it was a Chanel? Could it have been a BV?
  6. I think you might be talking about the Brooklyn bag. Do a search and you will find some threads with some pics.
  7. ^I don't think the Brooklyn bag has the hanging medallion.

    Hmm that is strange I've never seen a cabas with all over quilting either...
  8. Checked out the pics...wasn't a Brooklyn. it was definitely Chanel bc had the double CC hanging medallion. I wonder if it was some special Canadian edition or something?? Doubt it, but...I just don't want to believe it was a fake. She seemed like such a cool, classy chick. :wtf: I guess I've learned my time I am def. going over to ask about the bag!!!
  9. ^^ Yeah I don't think there are any "Canadian editions" although that would be cool. I see lots of classy women wear fakes's hard to tell sometimes!
  10. I know the Cabas never came it a quilted pattern. Sorry but it was a fake. If you have any questions on the cabas let me know.
  11. I might be waaaaay off, but could it be the Medalion Tote. It's quilted throughout and has a medalion?