Saw my dream bag but don't know the style name! Can you help me!

  1. I saw the bag of my dreams last night. It was Chanel, a black leather shoulder bag, small, with a wide chain link shoulder strap and a small, double "c" hanging from a chain on the outside. It was not quilted, had a zipper closure on top (no flap) and was slightly bigger than an evening bag, but smaller than a day bag.

    I was told that it was bought four years ago new and that it came in black, medium blue and metallic.

    Does anyone out there have any idea which bag I might have seen and where I could get one??? Would like to start the new year off right!

    Thanks so much in advance!!!
  2. only thing i could think of is the ultimate soft, but even that has a bit of quilting on it...
    i really don't know? :s
    hopefully someone here can help!
  3. Hi, please don't post the same question twice. I went ahead and closed your other thread, but in the future, just bump it up w/ a reply or soemthing as we do not allow duplicates.
  4. Sorry. New here. Thanks for letting me know.
  5. are you sure it didn't have quilting? or a diamond pattern stitching?
  6. It was soft leather without any quilting or diamond patterns. It was kind of round on the bottom, thinner at the sides (not horn shaped, but it had a deeper bottom than the sides) and it had this amazing, wide chain strap that just made it different than anything I had ever scene. The woman who owned it said she bought it at Neimans, but had seen it in Europe when she was travelling before coming home and buying it. It also had that little double c charm hanging down (gold). It did not have any pockets inside. She got it four years ago.

    Thanks so much for trying to help! It was the perfect black bag...
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  8. Hi Zerodross.

    Cuteusername was right. Those links didn't work. Could you try again? Also the bag I saw had a wide chain shoulder strap with NO leather at all in the strap. The strap was very 1970s but it was bought 4 years ago new.
  9. [​IMG]

    this is a picture of the unquilted ultimate soft in one of the threads i found. it belongs to glistenpearls.
  10. Thanks so much for sending the pic. It's not the bag though. The bag I saw was shaped more like the hobo, but it was all soft leather and the strap was a chunky chain with no leather. Sound at all familiar? Thanks!
  11. Also, the shoulder strap was a single chain, not a double strap. Thanks.
  12. Honestly, if the bag was bought four years ago, it could be pretty hard to pin down what it was, nevermind locate one to purchase now. :shrugs: (Although if anyone can do it, tPFers can!)
  13. Thanks Cosmopolitian... You're probably right. But it's the kind of bag that will keep me up at night if I don't find it. At the very least, find the name so I can try to find it!

    tPFers, can you help?
  14. Tried to find this through Chanel customer service. Even they didn't know. You guys are my only hope! Any ideas?