Saw more new fall styles at NM today

  1. Well, I wanted to take pictures but everyone was much too vigilant so will try to describe as best I can:

    Saw another metallic finish for the bag Alouette bought, a silvery/black/navy that is really dynamite (gold hardware). It comes in a tote, a small bowler and the double side pocket big bag Alouette bought. Not that expensive for Prada -- the tote is 1560, the bowler is 1750.

    They are still showing tons of gauffres.

    Saw some of the Styledrops bags -- the large half circular bag with gold trimmed handles and new id tag is HUGE. Really too big for me and I didn't like the new leather finish on that in person. It was 2500+ Also came in a printed pony hair version that looked amazing - no one would miss you coming with that bag !

    I thought the new Miu Mius were really interesting. 2 pleated black leather bags, one of which was a tote and just humungous. Didn't check prices, sorry. But these are really interesting bags. The pleats are knife edge, tightly spaced, maybe an 1/8th inch each and cover the entire surface of the bags.

    The fade navy to white patent clutches were in too. Not sure how I feel about those.
  2. haha! Do they have you red-flagged now?! ;)

    I saw the metallic ones at my Saks. They were very striking but maybe I need to go back to see if they have more selection.
  3. not sure what "metallic" ones you're talking about but i got the bowler! The price was right so I thought I'd mention. I have pics up as does this other member on another thread. The clutches I saw were rather big and felt soft..reminded me of plastic book covers..(uhh). They cost about 800$ which would be good if I loved them, but I don't..I couldn't decide what I felt about them but then decided it was too big and not quite right.

    The "metallic" tote and bowler are super cute though, and priced good. I didn't see the other one you mentioned.
  4. knee -- which thread ??
  5. It did -- didn't realize from your pics that it was the same but YES -- what a gorgeous gorgeous bag you got !!