Saw MJ bags with silver hardware today!

  1. I saw some black bags with silver hardware today at Nordstrom Sac. They have the large and small multipocket and they also have a gorgeous Elise! If anyone is interested the number is 916-646-2400. Please ask for Patrice--she's terrific!
  2. Cool beans...What colors?! :heart: Emmy
  3. ^^^All are black... Too bad they didn't have any other colors!
  4. Those will go quick! Black with the silver hardware is still very popular... What a find!
  5. Hi..any idea how much the large multipocket was..thankyou
  6. I saw some MJ with silver hardware today at Neiman Marcus in Tyson's Galleria (Virginia). The only style/color that I could remember is the Black Venetia because I was carrying it too! I believe there were others there that were in silver hardware. Good luck!
  7. ^ You were able to polish the hardware on your Venetia? =)
  8. Also, my Nordies in Towson, MD has Venetias in black/silver. Also if anyone is interested they had MPs in black with brushed gold (not shiny gold).
  9. Wow, what a great selection of black bags...
  10. I wonder if the Elise will go on sale--I really want a black Elise with silver hardware! Do you know how much the bag was?
  11. I got my elise (silver on black) this summer at Bloomies... they were having some sale 20% off. Plus I noticed a tiny scratch so they gave me another 10% They tend to have great sales.
  12. ^^so lucky!! I have been check all my local stores--saks, bloomies, Nordstroms but nothing so far. I wonder if they will ever bring the silver hardware back--I was hoping some might come back for resort 06. I like the gold for some colors, but def prefer the silver w/ black.
  13. Sorry to slightly hijack the thread - I managed to polish it a bit. I still think that it looks slightly tarnished when outside, but not as noticeable indoors. Thanks for asking!
  14. Love the silver hardware.
  15. I hope they bring back the silver this spring. I want a yellow MJ bag this spring. I was debating between a gold on yellow butter blake when I got my black one. LOVE my blake but kind of sad I passed on the butter yellow last spring. It looked like candy =/