Saw Large Chocolate Carly tonight

  1. So I was standing in line paying for my items at walgreens tonight.. when the girl in line behind me had a large chocolate carly so I said to her nice bag!! She said oh I was just going to say nice wallet .. we both laughed.. then I was trying to tell her about she was like I have an addiction already for coach lol I don't need another reason to buy another purse.. haha I thought it was cute and plus she had good taste.. I had my khaki/chocolate carly on with my coach ergo scarf wallet. :heart:
  2. haha, thats cute coachgirl84 (btw, LOVE your name! haha)... I'm dying to get the Carly bag also in the khaki/chocolate... how's that treating ya? is it a nice bag... i just got the heritage stripe XL satchel, don't know if you saw it... but the Carly is the next item on my list, BUT i know there is plenty more for coach to come out w/for this spring! :girlsigh:

  3. lol thanks I like your name to.. I really like my khaki/chocolate carly she is really pretty.. yeah you should definitely get her when you purchase your next bag!
  4. Maybe she'll join.. :smile:
  5. Aww that is so cute! I love it when I see someone else with the same bag I have on. I almost always say something to them!
  6. That's awesome!!!! I LOVE to see fellow Coachies out and about!!!!! Thanks for sharing such a cute story!!!