Saw IV

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  1. I'm wanting to see this movie, any of you guys seen it? what are your thoughts? how does it compare to the others? :tdown: or :tup:????

    Thanks in advanvce!!! You're the best ;)
  2. I saw it last night and i loved it, it never ceases to amaze me, i dont want to uncover too much but you should see it.
  3. I'm going next week can't wait I love the saw movies!!!
  4. I heard it was great. I'm planning on going to see it but I may just chicken out. When I watch scary movies in a theatre, it just freaks me out since the noise level is so loud and it's so dark in there LOL.. I like to watch my scary movies at 3pm with the lights turned all the way bright and the noise level at medium low haha!
  5. I heard it was really GORY....but I am excited to see it!
  6. I just watched this lastnight. I've always loved all the Saw movies. It was kind of scary, but I LOVE scary movies though. It seemed more gory than the others. Selena you are right, very GORY.

    I'm a sick person, I like gory movies. :rolleyes:
  7. ^^ Could you PM me and tell me some of the gory stuff?

    I know it kind of ruins the surprise but I like to be a little prepared LOL.
  8. I don't care for the "Saw" series because while I adore horror, I'm not a fan of GORE, and there is a distinct difference. I saw part of the first one and it totally turned me off to the rest of them. I'll probably end up seeing it, though, as my BF is itching to see it (he has all the others on DVD). If I go to see "Saw" with him, he'll go to see "American Gangster" with me, and that's what I really want, so I'll endure the movie...

    They did something in my town (and many others, I'm sure)that was kind of cool if you DO like the movies...they showed all four back to back for only $10 on opening night, like a marathon, it started at six in the evening and went on for hours after that. LOL Had my BF found out about it in time (he didn't hear about it until AFTER it started), I would have seen all four at once!

  9. I'm kinda going back and forth on this one - they ended the last one (III) with all the characters being killed off. I was very impressed how they tied the previous 2 movies at the end of the 3rd one. Boy, was I surprised when i heard that they came out with the 4th movie...
  10. I haven't had the chance to see this one yet. I've read that you pretty much have to see the prior three to get this one. I've noticed that they get gorier with each new one. I can only imagine how gory this one will be. But I love the series.
  11. I live for horror movies, but I thought this one sucked. The two guys I went with also thought it didn't do The Saw series justice.

    I didn't think it was gory; other than maybe two scenes with gore, I thought it was boring.:tdown:

    The first five minutes of the movie was the best part and the goriest in my humble opinion.
  12. It was okay. It was interesting at the end when you discover the "TIMING" of this movie.
  13. I really need to see SAW II AND III.


  14. Me too! I have only seen the first one. I really want to see them all though. I think I will add 2 and 3 to my Netflix list.
  15. Oh is this a prequel? (dont answer if you feel it will give it away) Im goign to check when this comes out in my country cant wait, Ive seen 2 and 3 in the cinema and always flinch and close my eyes i can stand the gory bits but i love the psychological manipulations. I cant resist the movies they are so great. I never saw the 1st one until about 2 months ago, and i thought it was really bad, if i had seen it first i wouldn't have bothered with the remaining movies.