Saw Heritage Stripe in Different Colors

  1. I went today to buy a large heritage stripe tote in pink...

    and they had this XL tote...maybe double the size of the was almost travel bag like that's how big it baby pink (different from the pink of the regular tote) and BABY BLUE. The baby blue was so cute.

    Someone searched the system for me to see if the smaller sizes came in these colors, but nothing came up.

    I can't find pics of these bags anywhere.
  2. YES! that's the's so pretty. The blue is pretty too.

    That size is just WaY to big for me though. I was wishing I was still in college, it could have been a book bag! :smile:
  3. I really wish they would've offered those colors in the regular tote.
  4. It's the multifunction tote/baby bag (maybe that's why they did the softer pink and blue?). I forgot how much it was but I saw them at my store today. It would make a great school/work/laptop bag.
  5. i saw the pink too today, and i love it, but the bag is so big like a diaper bag. :yes: i wish that color were in the large tote, i even asked the sa if they had it, and they said the closest thing they had was the geranium. :sad:
  6. I think it was $428. In addition to the pink and blue my SA said that it comes in the dark brown also!
  7. I can't WAIT to see the black/pink/brass! OMG! I hope it is really coming in that color...
  8. So did you get the large heritage stripe in pink that you initially went in to buy?
  9. i admired it from the outside of a coach sniff...CLOSED! i was so upset... i had to admire from afar.
  10. i also looking to see if the blue comes in smaller shapes
  11. According to our book in the store it was only available for the multi-function tote. I had a customer ask me about it.