Saw her once three years ago....Can anyone tell me more about her?

  1. Hi everyone..

    I'm threading into new territory here but I can't seem to get "her" off my mind.
    It was about three year ago.
    All I remember about the bag is she might of been a Veneta was black, and had a *Floral emobssing* all over her.

    Does anyone know anything about her? where I can find her?name?colours available?

    Thank you everyone for helping this BV admirer!!:heart:
  2. This floral embossing with a slight baroque touch to it is from the F/W 2005 collection, if I remember it right.

    I`m afraid you won`t be able to find it in stores anymore, but maybe you can call up the outlets or hunt it down at consignment shops.
  3. ^there are BV outlets? wow... Do you know if it came in any other color but black?
  4. I`m pretty sure it came in Noce, the tan-like colour by BV

    In the US, there are two outlets, but I unfortunately don`t have the contact info. If you do a quick search though, you`ll be able to find other threads where someone posted pics.
  5. that you c-24!
  6. Was it like any of the ones in the pictures in this thread - with sort of a "scallopped" top and what appear to be appliqued flowers on it? These pictures were from the Woodbury NY outlet last June so although they probably don't have any of these bags anymore, it probably doesn't hurt to at least check with them - the phone number for the outlet is also right at the beginning of the thread. And if that is indeed the style you were thinking about, it seemed to have come in a number of bag choices and a number of colours.

    Good luck - and if you do happen to get pictures of what the Woodbury outlet has right now, be sure to post them here for the rest of us to ogle too! There is also another outlet in California but I'm not sure exactly where.
  7. MissV- I think the bag that you are referring to is a Veneta in woven with an embossed flower pattern , much looking like "tooled" leather.. I did not happen to see this bag in Bookermouse's pictures, and I do not know which season it is from, but my guess is it is at least 3 years ago making it fall "05 or before..Their may have been other styles in this design, but I can not remember..My best suggestion is to scour consignment stores and eBay listings, and possibly the BV outlets..
  8. There is an outlet in Florence too! Any excuse to make it to Bella Italia will do for me! Hmmm, Italian men too...
  9. prestwick: thank you..

    bookermouse: no those aren't it but those pictures sure are breath taking..

    thanks everyone.

    If you happen to see any anywhere please pm me...THanks!
  10. Miss V we will definately keep you in mind, you never know one may pop up on eBay one day, the only floral applique bag I found on the forum was this this one posted by a pfrmer. The second pic is of a current season floral tote.
    floral bv.JPG ss8.jpg
  11. syma, no its not any of those ones. I saw it a black beneta and had a vague embossing all over it...hmmm I'll try to find a pic..
  12. i can't seem to find a picture of it....booo
  13. Could it be this one...:graucho:
    bottega veneta.jpg
  14. I'd rather think she might have meant this style (but the pphoto is taken from a site selling fakes )