1. I saw fakes...but this wasnt any old fakes...please read on

    So Im just shopping in manchester and me and a couple of friends go in this home furniture/clothing store that is closing down. We head in and at the back I saw a fake Fendi...this was my face - - - > :wtf: then I turn round and low and behold there are about 8 fake Louis Vuitton bags and 5 Wallets on the till, DISPLAYED :wtf::wtf:, like the shop was trying to be Louis Vuitton lol. I was mortified, I tried to take a pic but they kept watching me with my phone. Is there anything I can do about this ?
  2. just to add, this store is like round the corner from the LV store, should I have gone to LV and told them ??. Thanks
  3. I would've told LV. It may not have done any good, but at least they'd know about it. Who knows, they may already be privy to these crooks. :rant:
  4. That's so odd that a furniture store would be peddling fake LV.
  5. I thought so too, they do sell some clothes but not alot. I was really makes me wonder why ??, there isnt a huge profit to be made from this so I dont see why they would try to sell fakes, but they were 100% FAKE
  6. very strange...
    I'd give the LV a call. Not sure about LV but many of the designer handbags have a fraud department that takes care of this type of stuff.
  7. I'm sure that if LV is right down the street they are already privvy to it.
  8. I would love for my SA to go in and snatch the bags from the fake display haha, Im going to call LV customer service tomorrow and inform them
  9. Yeah I think you should let LV be aware of the situation.
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. :yes::yes::yes: why the think mix fake LV & furnitur will be a great idea?? :okay: Make LV lovers feel bored to visit their store
  12. Let us know what happens!
  13. I would call lv and tell them.
  14. Keep us posted!
  15. thanks everyone for your advice and support, I will post tomorrow what responce I get from Customer service :smile: