Saw Denim accessories last night...cute!!

  1. Hi everyone,
    My SA called me in to show me the new denim accessories....can't be picked up until May 1st. UGH! I'm getting the cles. I'm on a major ban...would've liked a wallet, but hubby will kick me to the curb along with my beautiful bags!! :rolleyes: Just thought you'd want to know and call your SA's. This was at Neiman's. I saw them at Sak's, too.
  2. OH gosh really??? did you see the zippy ??? and the other bag (messenger) that was mentioned here a while ago???? I am so waiting for this things to come out!!!
  3. I just saw the 2 zippy wallets...the small and large one....and the denim cles. I'm getting the cles for now. My SA believes they will be permanent. I just talked to her again and she said I can pick up the cles on May 1st. They can't be released until then, but you can go look at them in stores.
  4. ^^^ thanks for that link,
    I'm going to contact my s/a and get a cles :smile: for sure.
  5. The cles is so cute....I think she said it's $180. The wallets were both over $500.
  6. I was looking forward to the Denim accessories, but once I saw them online my "love" disappeared... so far I've bought nothing from this SS collection.
  7. I have my name down for the Cles. My SA said that they will arrive in my store by May 16th? :shrugs:

    I hope it comes sooner than that...
  8. lol yep i saw those jean shorts at the 57th street store on friday. $550 i believe.
  9. THose pants will make most people look really short, especially if you're short to begin with. What are they doing in japan. =P lol
  10. Has it been confirmed that the only denim color for these will be blue? I hope not.
  11. They should be arriving sooner than that......I saw them in store last night.
  12. I think for now, it's just blue.
  13. I was at Holts here in Calgary yesterday and they have some in and said they were putting them out today, I may go down and have a peek :smile:
  14. Oh gosh I was so dissapointed they are really ugly I just saw the link Mattd7474 gave