Saw Damaged New French Whiskey Wallet and Bag in Coach...

  1. I went into my larger Coach Store yesterday to return the second white Patent leather wristlet that had a dark mark on it below the coating. It had not been worn. I ordered a patchwork wristlet that looked really cute to wear with my last years legacy denim Resort shoulder bag. A lady walked in with a three montho old legacy Whiskey wallet and the back was totally ripped and her bag was in bad conidtion too. I did not stay around long enough to see what the Coach store did for her as an exchange, but she may have really used it hard. I have a Whiskey french Wallet and a Whiskey flap that I have been on the fence with with tags..and after I saw that, I panicked and am thinking of returning both. Anyone have problems with whiskey leather Walllets, bags? I also saw pics of the new denim bags in legacy and the patchwork and the shoes in person. They are simply adorable in Denim. Thanks!!!
  2. Some people really abuse their bags. There have been a few on eBay that looked like they had been in a dirty pond and then drug on the gound.

    I just don't know how people can buy a $500 bag and a $250 wallet and treat it like that.

    I have a job in which I work outside 4/5 days a week. My bag stays in my vehicle when I work.
  3. ^ I know what you mean. I was at a baseball game on Friday night, and this woman had a beautiful legacy satchel that she just put on the ground under her seat in the bleachers with all of the peanut shells, etc. GROSS!
  4. ^^ You're kidding me!!! I take my old Eddie Bauer backpack to baseball games and put a cute wristlet inside for hot dog runs. I could NEVER put a Coach under a bleacher!!
    I think that lady with the wallet must've been pretty harsh on her stuff, I can't imagine a Coach falling apart like that!
  5. That sounds horrible but I'm sure it was damaged through the owner's abuse. I have the Legacy french wallet in the natural color that I've been using daily for several weeks now without problem. It was very stiff when it arrived but is now starting to soften up a bit - a good thing because the credit card slots are really tight. I am pretty careful about putting the wallet into my purse because I don't want to damage the turnlock.
  6. i have a whiskey shoulder bag- it has been well taken care of and looks beautiful. the leather doesn't scratch anymore and it only gets better with age.

    i had a french framed wallet in black, however, that had to be replaced. apparently the leather on the "framed" part rips fairly easily. my ripped the first time i used it (just from a fingernail), but i've been really careful with this new one.

    you should have no problem with the bag- your turnlock should be fine, btw. and just be careful with the wallet.
  7. Some people abuse their bags. The leather on these bags is thick and very nice. If you drag your hanbag around and rip it up them that's your fault!! I don't think you should ask for a replacement when you damage your own bag!! How does a leather wallet get a huge rip in the back???
  8. Maybe she didn't want a replacement, maybe she was just going to see if they could be repaired somehow. I've heard that if Coach can't repair one of it's bags, then they'll give you a merchandise credit. I know I've read that a couple times on here (at least I think so, I don't think I hallucinated it *L*)

    I agree though, how on earth does that kind of damage happen to a bag?? I mean, I'm careful with my Coach, but not super anal. I'll set it carefully on the ground if I need to, but make sure there's nothing gross there before I do.
  9. but they only repair bags if it's a defect in craftsmanship and from normal wear and tear.

    but most coach bags can take a pretty good beating. so it takes a lot for them to get truly damaged.
  10. Definitely true. I just find it hard to believe a woman would be that greedy, to completely destroy a bag and then expect something other than just the hope of a repair. *L*
  11. i'd just be happy that lady's bag wasn't mine . . . tragedy
  12. I did not look that closely but it looked like it had simply been dropped in water and the whole back came unglued to me, but I asked the SA today and brought mine in for I was worried, and she said she never got a Legacy french whiskey wallet back like that, and to just wear it and relax, for they would always fix it. Yes, she must have really abused the bag, agree.
  13. The bag and the wallet. the bag was a hobo with that tapestry rose and brown on the sides with gold and that was a mess also. Too coincidental to me.,....
  14. I know it looks very suspicious to me. I baby my bags.
  15. I cannot see normal use here, it looked to dark and maybe got wet? I kept mine...lets hope the SA is right and it will not happen to mine.