Saw an MC Neverfull today!

  1. Gorgeous! hahahaha, kidding, I did see one, but it was obviously fake. Outside my building at work in NYC Sad, first one I've ever seen!
  2. Oh boy....what will they think of next?!
  3. OMG a MC NEVERFULL,:roflmfao: OMG thats just to funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol::wacko:
  4. hahah... i would love to see one
  5. :wtf:
  6. so sad
  7. yikes!!! :roflmfao:
  8. I don't even want to know where she bought that bag... bla!
  9. i'm sure it was lovely :nogood:
  10. where in NYC?? that is such a shame...
  11. Kinda sounds like a cute idea if LV actually made it :yes: It'd be pretty cheap for an MC bag too.
  12. for a moment, i got excited.. grrr.. haha.

    i always love the MC line ;D
  13. booo for fakes, but I kinda want to!
  14. Hahaha that's great!:okay:
  15. :graucho:sounds like a good idea!

    maybe LV should make one in the future.:supacool: