Saw all the three Hampstead bags today.... (long)

  1. ....but was not able to buy as the release date is still the first of april:sad:

    but, they are wonderful.:drool: :drool: :drool:

    Here is what I remember: the smallest size is a very nice handheld bag, I tried to fit it over my coat (lightweight burberry as I expected nice weather, was wrong about that) but couldn`t. But I think that some people might be able to wear it over the shoulder as the handles are not very short. The interior is red and feels suede like. As far as I remember the pm and mm had a zipper compartment and one for a mobile and an open one, I am not sure about the large one.
    The mm is the perfect tote size with buttons on the size to widen it instead of the leather things the bh has, and as the form is a bit more vertical it is not sticking out much but also not too deep so that one would have to dig for things. I was allowed to put my things in the bag to get an idea of what it could fit and I could fit in
    a paperback
    my koala wallet
    my medium agenda
    pochette accesoire
    glasses case and had plenty of space left, could have put in a small water bottle, another book and a mag as well I guess.
    The bag stayed very well on my shoulder and looked not oversized on me (162cm height).
    The large one was too big for me for every day but would be great for travelling or on a taller person.
    I wasn`t sure about the gold plate, thought it might look a bit trashy but it is fine, overall it seems to be the perfect worry free all day tote and the brown leather looks spectacular classy on the damier.
    I was thinking about what shoulderbag to get for ages now and somehow always backed away from purchasing in the last minute-as if I knew that the Hampstead would be that great:yahoo:
    Can not wait to get it.
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  3. Sound good!
  4. Thanks for the report ..I would like to see what the GM looks like:yes: Can't wait to see your photos;)
  5. I'm getting excited...on the list for the MM and GM!
  6. i cant WAIT to see these IRL!!!
  7. I saw the GM yesterday and Londonholly is right... it's way too big! I'm hoping the MM will be the perfect size for me.
  8. Thanks for the information!