Saw a woman with a Coach bag I want

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  1. I'm new to the Coach line so bare with my ignorance. Are the only bags available from Coach the ones on the website or in store ? Do they make some for a year and then not carry that bag anymore ? I saw a woman tonight carrying a Coach I would love to have, crap how can I explain it. Its a hand held bag, Coach C signature. I guess I could describe it as a tote type but its hand held. More rectangular in shape. It had leather on the corners of the bag. It also had some square leather on the back up by the handles. Her's had black leather trim. Does anyone have the vaguest idea what I'm talking about and can you still get this bag ? Maybe its a couple years old or something, I do not see it on the Coach site or in store
  2. Thanks I'll check it out tomorrow at work (speedy DSL) I'm on crappy dialup here at home , takes forever to load the graphics and some don't show.
  3. ^^ hehe, you'll be busy at work tomorrow ;)
  4. thanks for reminding me about that link!!! i loved that link when i first started getting into coach but as i slowly found out what i wanted, i forgot all about it.
  5. It might be easier to first narrow your search on ebay looking for coach signature tote, was it opened on the top or did have a flap, Coach signature top handle, Coach sig satchel? Coach moves product out bi/tri/seasonally quite quickly. They could be at the outlets, ebay.
  6. When you do find the bag in the drill down, right click on it then click on properties and you will see a Coach style number.
  7. I'm thinking this sounds like a signature gallery tote of some type.
  8. I was thinking gallery tote or carryall [​IMG] ? I love the carryalls. Even the medium ones are a pretty good size. I want one !
  9. yeah it sounds like gallery tote or carryall to me too !

    glitter girl you should total get one i have the medium and i love it !