Saw a visitor at work with an Antigua Cabas GM or PM...anyone have thoughts on these?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. really cute...but the dirt that'll get on it!!!
  3. I really like these, but more for a bookbag or tote than a purse.
  4. I'd rather have a vinyl coated bag or a leather bag.. I'd just be too afraid of wrecking it. It also bears a striking resemblance to my bookbag, which I paid 5 quid for.
  5. mm would be perfect. I think the gm is too large, and unless you carry very little the pm is about the size of the reade. is a member pic of the GM
    2. is a members pic of the reade and pm.
  6. I'd like one in the pink/fushcia colour but I think the canvas would show dirt really easy.:sad:
  7. It is such a cool bag.
  8. I love this line, especially the GM in darker colors!
  9. a girl walked into my work with the GM in beige and it looks FAB on her.... its so understated but beautiful... and the way the gold plate on it shone (SP?) under the lights... it was too die for :heart:
    ever since ive been obsessed with it !! but i would probably go the PM size!!
  10. I don't like that big plaque on the front. It's too much.
  11. I have the MM in the blue color and it's great! I don't have to baby it and it's so handy. I can fit everything in there. You can see some photos here.
  12. The Whole Line Is Beautiful.....The Tote Is One Of The Hottest Styles Of The Summer. It's So Classic Looking...It's One Of The Bags You Use Forever!!! :smile:

    My Favorite Color Is The (Though I Do Like All The Colors. I Definitely Think The Size Depends On What You Want To Use It For. I Think I Would Go For The GM (or Even The MM)....So You Always Have That Extra Room!
  13. I'm not really a big fan of this LV bag... ***ducks for cover*** i just think its too plain... i dunno... :Push:
  14. I absolutely love these! I keep putting one in my cart on elux but I never purchase it because of the price. But I've found that the more I keep looking at something, the more likely it is that I will love it and use it and more importantly -- keep it! :lol:

    I'm returning the Baggy GM and going to exchange for a few items of equal value and thinking maybe the MM.
  15. I saw them in the store and still can't make up my mind. I think if I was to get one I would prob. go with Blue so I can wear it with jeans.:love: