saw a truly awful fake neverfull pm today and it made me mad=

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  1. don't know why i was mad, because i normally don't care at all what other ppl carry- fake or otherwise. but this think was SO gross. even my daughter could tell- she always points out bags like mine= she did not do that today. thought i'd share my irrational annoyance with you all! :smile:
  2. yeah, i hate that too..i don't know why it bothers me so much, but it does. i seem some horrible fakes there, and i just don't get it. when i couldn't afford LV i just bought bags from Target or Nine West. It never occurred to me to pay $$ for a fake, illegal bag. And it's funny cuz if you carry a fake, the only ppl who notice the bag know that it's fake (even my DH can spot fake LV), so you're not fooling anybody! And the bags fall apart pretty soon. yeah, it's wrong on so many levels.
  3. I knew they were coming! I saw a few people offering them on iOffer this past week. But they're pictures seemed stolen from eBay. I'm just glad they're not realistic looking. Hopefully, no one will be fooled if they try to start selling fakes on eBay.
  4. SO true!

    "I'm just glad they're not realistic looking." - the only thing realistic was the style/shape- but the leather, the canvas... nope. thanks for letting me vent! i was hoping to like the neverfull, too. if it really is anything like i saw today it will not be a bag i add to my modest collection.
  5. I saw tons of fakes on BF. :yucky:
  6. You know...Im so used to seeing so many fakes that it just does not phase me anymore...theya re just EVERYWHERE in FL. I love going to Chicago, or other big cities where I seldom see fakes. Its so fun to see ladies with all the gorgeous bags...I have had many wonderful conversations with so many!!