Saw a STUNNING Limited Edition BV in Seattle today -- on sale!

  1. I was at Nordstrom in downtown Seattle today and they had a gorgeous limited edition BV on the sale table. I had never seen this before, it was one of the bags with the woven limo leather knots with alphabet letters printed on them. The bag was a trapezoid-shaped framed satchel with green nappa trim. The inside was gorgeous, partially lined in green nappa leather as well. It was so cute!! Retailed around $3500 or something, but marked down to $2199. I am not able to spend that much right now, but if you want this bag, call Nordstrom in Seattle and get it!

    I am looking for pictures but can't find anything. yet.
  2. OMG I just scrolled through 18 pages of flickr search results and on the LAST page I found a photo someone took a week ago of a display at BV. And there was the bag!! I downloaded the gigantic version and cropped it out.


    I am in love with this bag and now very sad that I can't have it.
  3. Wow what a beauty! Thanks for sharing. :girlsigh:
  4. Is this bag called the Palermo???
  5. I think the Palermo does have a front pocket, while this bag is called "Intreccio Crochet Twister" on the BV site. Does have a different price on the site though!
  6. wow, that's a lovely piece!! "corchet twister" does make sense.:yes:
  7. Yes, the Crochet Twister is on sale for $2579 on the BV site so if it's $2100 at NM ..... someone is getting a better deal!
  8. OMG I can't believe I didn't even look on the BV sale section. I was tired last night. Well, here it is. I am hoping a wealthy benefactor/secret admirer buys it for me.

  9. OMG! That is a gorgeous bag and seriously tempting deal!

    I've always loved the Palermo but was wondering if it only came in ONE size? It always seems to look bigger in photos than in real life? In real life, it shorter and I think the width is about 12 inches?

    Does anyone know if it comes in another size? TIA! :heart: