Saw a nice surprise today

  1. In the town where I live it is a sort of middle class out in the countryside kind of town, which therefore sadly means I don't get to see a huge amount of Louis Vuitton. When I do it's normally like a speedy, alma or ellipse or something like that, however today I saw someone with the patchwork denim pouchy(i think its called) and was so surprised to see it, but at the same time was quite excited lol, and had to stop myself from just gawking at it.
  2. i love it when i see authentic lvs other than mono in my city,
  3. Cool! I just come back home from a friends bday meal and saw plenty of LV's today too. Saw lots of the ones I have never seen in person before like 2 sonatines and a popincourt haut (after seeing it not such a big fan anymore).
  4. oooh, that's exciting!! I don't see LVs that often in my town either, and can't help smiling:nuts: when I go to the city and see different LVs!!
  5. Lucky you I rarely see authentic LVs in my town too!
  6. Not only do I see authentic LV in Houston, I see a ton a fakes!!! ewww:throwup:
  7. I am glad that you were able to see an LV. It is always a pleasant surprise when I see one in my rural town. So, I know how you feel.
  8. Only see fakes in the town where I work, makes me sick!
  9. OMG - I love seeing LE Vuitton ! One of the girls at work has a Stephen !
  10. It is a pleasant feeling seeing a real LV once in a while, mostly in Chinatown though!