Saw a new keyfob tonight...

  1. it was fruit! Oh it was soooo cute. Haven't seen it online yet though.
  2. Fruit? What kind of fruit? Was it leather? Was it big? Why am I so excited about fruit??? :nuts:
  3. what kind of fruit...
  4. details details!!!! :smile:
  5. It was metal like the ocean one on the website right now. It had metal cherries, lemon, orange wedge, etc.
  6. It sounds tasty!! :smile:
  7. There's a candy keyfob coming out too! It's a lollipop, twisted candy and ohhh so cute.
  8. ok i will deff be getting those!!!
    Are they comming out soon Sprinkles?
  9. They both sound totally cute!
  10. Mmmmm candy!
  11. I want the candy one!!
  12. It sounds very summery! I'll have to check it out. ;)
  13. Candy?! Yummy!!

    Does anybody know who said this:

    Look! More candies! It's a Valentine's Day miracle! Oh, candy. You've got me under your spell! :rolleyes:
  14. Most of the new things will be coming out the 21st :smile:

    The new keyfobs are FABULOUS. I love the fruit! You guys will LOVE them!
  15. Theres also a cell fob, with if I remember correctly a bannana and cherry.