Saw a new Fendi, very cool!!

  1. In the Fendi boutique, it was a clutch that turned into a shoulder bag. Sme areas were patent leather, some were suede. Really sexy bag. Has anyone seen it?
  2. yes i saw them,,i saw them in london

    actually i ordered the one in zucca "patent" and it is coming next week..
  3. [​IMG] pink sushi >> you rock that bag


  4. yep seen a few versions of this. Are you considering?
  5. Oooo! i quite like the black version!
  6. Wow... whoever that is above looks great! The bag was made for them!
  7. Wow i love this bag.
  8. Actually this thread explains a lot regarding this bag...

  9. As with all handbags, be careful on buying one on eBay or other online unauthorized retailers...the fakes have already ARRIVED!! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

  10. Thats it!!!! Very hot bag, great for a night out!!!
  11. cool clutch fendi...