Saw a Marc by Marc Jacobs today

  1. And I want it!! I don't know the name, or where I can find it. Any suggestions would be fabulous!

    It was a mahogany brown color, hobo-shoulder type bag. Distressed leather. The top and back side folded over together for the top closure. I believe the two flaps just went together with a magnetic closure. It had double rings in the front (made to look like a type of buckle in the middle) just below where the fold over ended.

    I hope this helps!
  2. Sorry, I'm not very familiar with MbMJ. In the future please post your question in the Name That Mj Bag!!!!!!!! thread.
  3. Was it something like this?

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Viva La Val Zip Satchel

    I've been lusting over this bag, but it's sold out everywhere!!!
  4. No...although thank you! I found out it's called a "Danielle" bag. The bag I saw just looked like this exact leather (above) but I have now learned that it has a logo print subtly in it. I couldn't tell on the darker color in person...but here is another tPF members bag:

    It seems to be a Fall bag and it's sold out....:wtf:

    On the good side, it looks a lot like this bag, IMO...which I already do have.
  5. that sounds like the marc by marc danielle hobo:


    i just got one and the leather is great! plus the bag is huge!