Saw a la folie jewelry tonight!

  1. Well, I was already to buy this jewelry when I went in, but then I saw it IRL....I was disappointed. :sad: The necklace was too big for my just didn't hang right. Even my SA said it looked weird. The ring is very, very small and I like bolder rings. The bracelet looked like a watch and I don't like big earrings. When I had it on, it just looked like plastic on gold. You can't even really see the LV unless you get up close and really look. It looks like a big hunk of clear nothing. This is all just my opinion...maybe it was the lighting. I was bummed. Oh well....I guess I'm going to get a denim cles with my money instead. If anyone is interested, LV in Fashion Show mall, Vegas has the jewelry.
  2. Thanks for the info-I wasn't really into it anyway, glad to know I won't be adding these to my wish list!
  3. aw that's disappointing, they look real cute in pics!
  4. Sorry you were disappointed....
    Sometimes I secretly wish that I won't like certain things, so that I can focus my on buying something else, lol !!!!

    Anyway, I thought these were beautiful in the photos, but I will have a looksy this weekend to see for myself.

    Just think of it this way, you now have more funds for your cles !!!!!
  5. Oh wow, that is quite a disappointment to hear.

    I was looking forward to this Jewelry Line.

    I guess I will have to go see them for myself in person and see how I feel about them too.
  6. I tried on the necklace. Looked kind of like a dog collar on me. Guess these will be in stores for a while...
  7. I thought the bracelet looked cute, but then again not OMG I HAVE TO HAVE IT CUTE! I like the inclusion line much more!! I am glad i will be saving money to get the new colour of inclusion instead:smile:
  8. any info on prices?
  9. I kind of expected the bracelet to sit a little weird on the collarbone...and the bracelet does look too much like a watch and the hoops are a bit I really was only looking forward to the ring. But even now I'm not too sure because you're right, from far away it would look just like a big chunk of plastic.
  10. Ring was $225, necklace was $345?, bracelet was $330? .....I know necklace and bracelet were both $300+...just don't remember the exact price.

    Karman, I was so disappointed in the ring. It is small. I really thought it would look better larger.
  11. i just saw them today and i for one loved them (hehe i ended up getting the braclet hehe) not a big fan of the earrings but i LOVE how it sits on my wrist :smile:

    and the funny part was i wasnt 100 percent set on this until my mom saw it and said that i have to buy it and shes getting it for me! haha :smile:
  12. hmmm does anyone have pics of these yet?? i really wanted the ring and the earrings....but i thought it was like a big cocktail ring.
  13. i saw the items in the store and agreed they are large. Before that i was hoping that i'll be able to bring back the earrings and ring...after seeing them i hesitate and still considering. maybe i shld go down again to take a closer look and perhaps try on.
  14. I saw these the week before last and was too disappointed. I would choose the Inclusions range over it any day! But don't despair, more money towards something else for you!
  15. I saw them IRL myself in Amsterdam, it seemed like a really good idea gone bad. =-/